Grown ups

Not kiddies anymore, we do what we want

Wine, martini, vodka with a little shakey

drippy smiley let’s stay a whiley

Droopy leggies like al dente spaghettis

Mushy gushy I love you so muchy

“Are you ladies ready for the bill?”

Bill! One of us bursts out. Isn’t your name Bill?!

Everything’s funny punny the night is sunny

Faces painted in all the right spaces

Eye liner gets soppy the more we get sappy

Laughing lying eavesdropping spying

Amiable squabbles turn into petty gobbles

Foibles give way to happy chuckles

eating dessert like a winner before dinner

adults can go and do that you know

Strawberry creamy dreamy puffy fluffy

Next the burger meaty cheesy fatty yummy

Today was leg day at the gym, we do what we want


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