Death and Taxes

18 trillion, that is the debt reality

up 70 percent since Obama took office

blaming Bush and not taking responsibility

7 years of excuses

Welcome to the land of reinstated slavery

The borrower is servile to the money lender

Bought the lie that we can spend into being free

an economic blunder

The house and the senate, no accountability

Capitol building be like Lil’ Wayne and make it rain

Programs, pensions, favors, and funds are extra slushy

Our sweat, our time, and our pain

This is what we call an abuse of authority

Love is the only debt we should pay and keep paying

The Bible says give to Caesar his demanded fee

And here’s what Caesar’s saying

Athiest, your taxes are funding Catholic schools

Christian, your taxes have furnished cruel abortion rules

Nine to five worker, you’re paying for those who will not

Wealthy, pay the penalty for working a whole lot

Grandma, sorry to ask, but did you hear we tax death?

Driver, iPass costs won’t go down so don’t hold your breath

Server, you better declare all of that tip money

Student, don’t bet on seeing social security

2015, the year of ambiguity

I mean who can afford the Affordable Care Act?!

You see, we are slaves to debt and screwed up policy

We cannot ignore the fact


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