Benghazi we commemorate

4 dead, it was needless.

Nixon is known for Watergate,

you’ll be known for secrets.

The government of transparency

declaring “Yes we can!”

has wrapped itself in secrecy

the clouds cover the man.

We’ll investigate Tom Brady

steal away his cell phone

Punish! Fine! And seize his baby!

his actions he must own.

Hillary, where’s that Blackberry

what have you got to hide?

none perished when balls got squishy

In Libya they died.

I’m ready for Hillary!

a weak bumper sticker

We turn our backs on Benghazi

won’t say she’s a liar

Have we forgotten Hillary

loves that Margaret Sanger

and have we forgotten that she

calls herself an “admirer”

of the one who said that mercy

in large family crews

is killing off the infancy

and same fate for the Jews

exterminate the negros too

the inferior kind

the oriental and the Jew

handicapped, old, useless and blind.

America behold the show!
Says pro-equality

and then says Sanger’s a hero

which is it madam nominee?

Liar, liar pants on fire

do not ask for my vote

I call myself the town crier

I’m going for the throat


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