Fare Adventures Inc in Chicago, IL

Yelp pulled down my review for the caterer of my wedding, likely at his request.  If you are about to hire this man (for anything really) please read the following carefully:
I hired Ed D’Orio who is the executive chef and operations manager of Fare Adventures, to cater my wedding on September 14, 2013. If you are considering Fare Adventures for your event, please read this review first and if you have any further questions feel free to contact me. 
The following is what occurred that day in the briefest summary possible.

1) He was VERY late. Our contract said he would come 4 hours early to set up his food truck and cook. He showed up 1 hour before the event. This resulted in the entire evening schedule being completely moved around and all other contracted services fell into confusion.
2) Our contract clearly required Ed and his serving staff to clean up all of the tables after dinner had finished. Tables were full of dishes all evening and were left for my out of town guests to clean up once the evening had concluded. This was mortifying. 
3) The only thing the staff did clean up was our property. Ed and his staff stole the handmade party favors for the guests along with my parents wedding crystal, our water jugs, and multiple centerpieces. While Ed tried to deny this, he dropped off all of these items in the middle of the night 4 days later under the threat of lawsuit. 
4) The serving staff was drunk and/or on drugs. This was witnessed and documented. The result was further untimely service and disgusting behavior in front of my guests.
5) The appearance of the staff, including Ed who was sporting a nasty looking t-shirt and baseball cap, was totally unprofessional. 
6) Finally, certain tents that Ed had promised to set-up in order to assist in the clean-up service (that never happened), never made an appearance. 

My husband and I asked for a 10% refund for his failure to fulfill our contract with him. Not only were we refused but Ed also would not acknowledge any failure on his part. I am hoping that this review causes any prospective customer to reconsider giving business to this dishonest man. 


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