Newsflash For Tripura India: It’s Not Going To Work!


As India approaches election time, it’s first since 2009, Tripura, a state in northeastern India, holds claim to being the last remaining Communist state in the country. Article writer Palash Ghosh describes the current, historical and future political scene in Tripura and India. Manik Sarkar, who is the most powerful Communist politician in Tripura seeking reelection, insists on the success, superiority and relevance of Communism today. He claims Marxism works in the best interests of the people (though Ghosh reveals there is corruption among leaders and social injustices). On the contrary, the various plagues which traditionally accompany Communism are undeniably present in Tripura; there is secularism, illiteracy, tough working conditions, low pay and no jobs. Ghosh concludes by contrasting the political situation in Tripura with the economic upsurge the rest of India has been experiencing for about 20 years. 

The Communist Party of India is going to collapse regardless of it’s long historical presence and the opinions of it’s leaders. India as a whole has been experiencing a break-away from a long tradition of economic restrictions for about the same amount of time Communism has controlled Tripura.  Communism creates many barriers to conducting not only international business, but also domestic business; citizens may not yet see their economic disadvantage compared to the rest of India and the world, but they will eventually. In Ghosh’s discussion of the high unemployment rate in Tripura, he says that the youth are fleeing the country in search of jobs, knowing that call-centers, analyst companies and software design firms offer a more promising future and wage than the pitiful system Sarkar is promoting (the system guarantees only 100 days of paid employment). Thus, it can be predicted that the youth will be primarily responsible for facilitating the collapse of Communism as they pursue work in the private sector.  If a majority of the youth leave Tripura, this will empty the country of people for the regime to control with a small chance of them returning home.  Why should they? Areas outside of Tripura are offer promising jobs, better transportation, entrepreneurship opportunities, opportunities for creativity, job security, and less religious oppression.  In other words, these areas offer a future superior to one imprisoned in Communism.  The fall of Marxism in Tripura will be symbolic of India as a whole leaving behind the shackles that once bound it as they become one of the largest contributors to the advancement of international business in the entire world.


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