Joffrey Ballet

Joffrey Ballet

For those of you who haven’t experienced the thrill of going to the ballet, you must.  I watched the beautiful spectacle with my mouth half hanging open and my whole body was leaning to one side (a sure sign that I’m entranced). The beauty was of another world. Every movement, muscle, fluid step, gesture was marked with years of intensive training.  I have rarely experienced something so beautiful.



Nervous yet?

Around 2pm yesterday a report was released saying that Iranian warships for the first time will be traveling within very near proximity to U.S. maritime borders. This report is alarming due to historical tensions between the United States and Iran.  Historical tensions have been further aggravated due to Iran’s push for enriched uranium which is commonly used for the building of nuclear weapons. Clearly they are preparing for some type of action; Iran isn’t known for going into foreign waters as they have done in this case.  The voyaging fleet is equipped with naval cadets who will be conducting maritime movements (which are essentially naval war games).  This is significant because instead of these being conducted in their own waters, they instead have made their way dangerously close to the United States.  This move is something of a poke in America’s eye seeing as we have been running the same sort of missions very close to their waters for decades. Iran’s impatience with the west is being made plain is this emboldened demonstration of power.  America is witnessing an aggressive Iranian buildup unlike anything in history and predictably, the Obama administration is taking the soft approach.  They have been overlooking Iran’s potential threat to U.S. sovereignty as well as stability in the middle east. It will be interesting to see how they choose to react to this recent and troubling report.