Immigration Reform

Currently America is dealing with a foreign policy issue much closer to home, immigration. Ann Coulter’s latest article announces Phyllis Schlafly’s soon-to-be released report on the issue.  This report comes amidst the scene of House Republicans gearing up to legalize around 11 million illegal immigrants. The clear motive behind this counter-conservative stance is the gaining of immigrant votes. Coulter points out that, “{I}mmigrants–all immigrants–have always been the bulwark of the Democratic Party.  For one thing, recent arrivals tend to be poor and in need of government assistance.”  She also notes that immigrants often come from countries that have already primed them to approve of greater governmental interference and support.  The article further discusses why the change in policy will not alter the traditional immigrant voting and will instead marginalize the Republican party.

 Illegal immigration is a serious problem but more serious is the problem of careless and uninformed voting by the American people.  We elect people who lack character and have little understanding of the realities of the economy and culture and no interest in the true impact of their policies.  They want to DO SOMETHING whether or not that something is proved to work.  They want to be approved of by the media outlets.  They want to be invited to the A-list Washington cocktail parties.  Most of all they want to be re-elected by an increasingly ignorant electorate.  That is most easily accomplished by saying things that sound “nice” regardless of whether or not the ideas are feasable.  It’s not that immigrants are stealing anything per se, our government is GIVING them resources and in the process, stealing from American citizens. Our national economy, culture, well-being, and security are being destroyed.  

 The government is selective in the enforcing of our laws.  While I, an American taxpayer and citizen, would be prosecuted for breaking the law or taking services I haven’t paid for, an illegal immigrant can sneak across our borders, use our public school systems, overcrowd the workforce, bankrupt our emergency rooms, take our spots in colleges, receive our law degrees, live in free housing, eat free food, and gain many other state and federal benefits, all without once paying taxes or being prosecuted for their initial violation of our law of entering our country without permission.    

 You might wonder how this all effects foreign policy. Economically speaking, while countries like China are growing, America is being left behind. Illegals contribute to this problem by occupying entry level and unskilled labor jobs without paying taxes. Many citizens are not working and are paying less taxes. Much of the money generated is sent to other countries and that purchasing power is lost.  The result is decreased federal income and the benefit of American productivity; this is gradually impacting our economic competitiveness with other nations.  Also, our national debt cripples our abilities to pay back our debtors. This strains foreign relations.

 Our security is being compromised as we have cut our national defense budget in favor of entitlement increases.  The federal budget, when we have one, is overwhelmed. Illegals benefit from these entitlement programs without paying into them. Our nation is more vulnerable to terrorist attacks as well. Additionally, we have millions of undocumented people in our society, and no one knows who they are. Does anyone really think terrorist groups are unaware of this flaw?  I am hoping the GOP reconsiders their approach to immigration reform and instead seeks the restoration of this country over their next cocktail party invitation.   

Co-written by S. W.



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