What the liberal media failed to report this week . . .

A caucus of the U. S. House of Representatives, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, heard the testimony of Gao Zhisheng’s wife in the “Defending Freedoms” hearing on January 16th. In 2006 Gao was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Chinese authorities because of his work as a lawyer defending human rights in China. In 2005 he began taking cases defending persecuted and exploited Christians and this landed him in jail.  Since that time, he has undergone harsh treatment for his profession of faith as a Christian.  He has disappeared at least 6 times, has been tortured, his family has been monitored under the home occupation of the police, and the children were not allowed to attend school.  This family has suffered a great deal and because of this, Gao’s wife has testified to the Commission in hopes that Obama will give voice to the human rights violations in China.  

Unfortunately, Mr. Zhisheng is one of many people in China exploited by the government.  This important hearing received no televised publicity and yet when soldiers burned Qurans in Afghanistan the media was in uproar for weeks.  People like Gao are being tortured and unjustly imprisoned in a country with which the United States conducts a large amount of business. Our government has an obligation to defend these prisoners of conscience. It will be interesting to see whether or not anything results from this hearing. 





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