Priorities for 2014

According to the latest report by The Heritage Foundation, new priorities for 2014 are in order for Congress. The report claims that these five goals should take precedence this new year: The reformation of our defense system, protection of defense readiness, advancement of United States missile defense program, strengthening of the United States nuclear weapon capabilities, and the maintaining of US presence overseas. All of this should be encompassed by a desire for the protection of US sovereignty, a prudent and self-confident foreign policy, and a promotion of economic freedom in the form of competitiveness across the world.

This report reveals that Obama’s “leading from behind,” strategy has thus far hindered our national defense. Our presence in foreign countries is quickly decreasing, missile silos have been shut down, and due to lack of federal funding, many troops are not ready for combat deployment. While government-established entitlement programs for citizens remain more numerous than ever, this administration has instead chosen to weaken our national security. Cuts could have easily been made by shutting down old and largely unused military bases, but instead troops are lacking funding and now training with less and less of the needed equipment. What’s more is that there is also distrust from within the military towards this administration.  Grounds gained by troops in Iraq have been lost due to decreased support from the Obama administration.  Veterans and troops as a result are becoming skeptical of future foreign policy efforts. Social experiments are also causing strife as high standards dwindle (women in combat roles) and uncertainties arise with new and politically correct rules.  But that’s a whole other issue.

 Finally, a second issue addressed in the report is America’s economic standing.  As our national debt has made our nation weaker and the debt ceiling continues to rise, the US has become far less competitive in the global market.  Unless action is taken soon, we will indeed be surpassed by China.  


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