Why College Sucks: Episode 1

Among the many national security threats posed upon America, next to Pakistan, Al-Qaeda and Iran, my college professor has listed next among these the armed and extremely dangerous…climate.  I’ve just received this intelligence from my foreign policy class. Climate change, as in the weather, is in the same category as countries that desire to annihilate the ground I stand on. I tried to believe the best about his definition of climate change when it first came up.  I thought to myself, “they must be talking about the hurricanes and tornados and crap,” but then the class started talking about emissions and how damaging American productivity is to the ozone layer.  So there you have it,  try not to worry so much about an Al-Qaeda member hijacking your airplane.  Concern yourself instead with the idea that the snack the stewardess just handed him has a wrapper that may or may not be more than 60% post consumer material. Image


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