It’s a bit morbid

It’s a bit morbid, but I wonder how I’m going to eventually end up dying.  Will it be painful or one of those dying in my sleep cases?  What will I feel in that moment between life and death?  I mean, it’s not like we can ask someone about this …  I told my husband that it’s my dying wish for my ashes to be turned into a giant diamond which is then to be made into a belly button ring that I expect him to wear on a regular basis.  He showed no interest for the idea.  Weird.  He’s the guy who thinks it’s acceptable to dip the spoon into his coffee and then into the sugar dish because, “it sticks really well and it’s the perfect amount of sugar.”  I’m really getting to know this guy, he’s a dedicated infantryman of the United States Marine Corp and at the same time I see a guy with an admirably consistent flossing habit.  I’m coming to understand a certain undying hatred he has for an alpaca named Carlos and  have also begun to mimic his usual idioms and have lately taken to calling anyone who annoys me a “farm animal.”  People really are disgusting.  It is my regular experience at the gym to be taking a shower only to terribly interrupted by the sound of the lady next to me conjuring up a viscous substance called “loogie.”  I hear it hit the wet tile and the SPLAT is quickly followed by a fierce nose blowing session.  This brings me back to death.  It really is quite morbid, I guess I’ll have to wait and find out.




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