My Chiyuld iz a Honur Stoodent!

You know that “My kid is an honor student,” bumper sticker?  Gosh it makes me laugh.  I mean you might as well get another one saying something like, “and my kid can breath, eat candy, and sleep too!” It’s the whole “everyone’s a winner” thing; the standards are so low in today’s schools (yes, private too) that to not make the honor roll you must have severe brain damage. My most half hearted efforts in high school earned me honors status upon graduation. College as well.  The standards in grade/high school are garbage, but it’s nothing to college. I’ve had open book tests in Anatomy class, multiple open note tests in Business Management, several retakes on each of my math tests, teachers declaring several test questions “too hard” in the middle of a pop quiz and giving the answers… the stories can flow for hours.  Would you want your doctor to have even one open book test?  If you are not getting the best grades humanly possible, I don’t want you to be my doctor, my lawyer, my dentist, my therapist, my anything.  You sure as hell better be a member of every honors society there is because no one wants an average lawyer.  There’s a reason why they’re cheap, they were the ones who cheated on my math test 2 semesters ago, copied my history homework and begged to swap answers in anatomy.  I acknowledge the school dwellers who simply don’t do well in the classroom.  Many a genius has graduated high school to never set foot in a learning institution again, off to make billions.  Cheers to you, but to the rest…get that sticker off your car.  No one cares about your child’s slight brain activity.  



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