Transgender Tolerance

In continuing with the November 12th post, I would like to first say thank you to the LGBT crowd and “tolerance” supporters for the hate mail /comments. Tell me again how I am the hate-filled one?  Despite your pathetic threats, today I’d like to address the transgender and sex reassignment issue.  

I grew up with a girl who believed with all of her heart that she was a boy.  It was confusing for me as a young child. She called herself a boy, dressed like a boy, farted like a boy and played with toys that boys play with.  Even though I knew for a fact that she was like me, I started to buy into it.  We used to play together a lot and at one point I realized I had a crush on her. That was very confusing for me, so much in fact that I stopped having play-dates with her.  Years and years later I met her again.  She was not a “boy” anymore.  She was beautiful, athletic, all-woman and proud of it.  I actually (rudely) asked her if she still thought she was a “boy.”  Laughing she assured me that was her “weirdo,” phase.  

In college I met a really witty girl in one of my boring classes.  For her sake we’ll call her Laura.  We would hang out for hours after class and eventually we became friends.  I was perplexed when one day my husband met her for the first time.  “That’s a dude Ellery,” were the first words out of his mouth as she walked away.  I insisted he was wrong but from that point started to notice very peculiar things about Laura; there was a certain masculinity about her.  Eventually she started dating the boy that sat behind her in class.  A few weeks later he broke up with her.  I had no clue what was going on until she pulled me aside after class and asked if she could trust me.  She told me about her sex reassignment surgery and poured out all of the pain and suffering it had caused her. Suicide was on the table and she (I will now refer to as “he”) was devastated about this boy.  They had become sexually involved. I asked him if the boy had been informed about the surgery. He had not.  From that day forward I began to reach out any help I could provide for my regretful friend.  Unfortunately he continued to have sexual relationships with other men without disclosing his true gender to them and this dishonesty eventually dissolved our friendship.  

Imagine if the first girl had parents who accepted and encouraged her “phase.”  It’s not a leap to see where that could lead, look at Laura.  After many conversations with Laura, I’ve repeatedly heard the word “mistake.” The ACLU and its supporters fully encourage this procedure for transgenders and would have you believe that it’s discriminatory and “harmful,” to discourage it.  New research is exposing the truth and it reveals that these surgeries do not positively change the life of a transgender but instead often result in distress, confusion and suicide.  The legal age to have sex reassignment surgery in America is 18 however these procedures can start near the age of 15-16.  The youngest gender swap made in Britain ended in regret and the man desperately seeking reversal.  How many more cases are there of this as the  procedure continues to receive support from militant groups like the ACLU? I know this post only brushes the very surface of this massive issue but hey, I have to start somewhere.  

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