I think 1/2 of you are full of it

You’re a homophobe! You’re filled with hate for people who are different than you! People are who they feel they are! Gay is ok! You need to accept everyone!  Sound familiar? A Pew Research Center poll conducted in March of 2013 stated that 49% of Americans favor the gay and lesbian marriage agenda; almost half of Americans are claiming (that is if the numbers aren’t inflated which they probably are) that they are “tolerant.” 

Do you really believe the acceptance is genuine?  Let’s think critically here:

If a man walks into a ladies gym locker room and at the outrage of all the naked girls says, “I’ve decided I don’t want to be a man anymore, I feel like a woman and you’re just going to have to accept that now,” do you really think a majority of these women are going to acceptingly drop their towels once again and continue putting on their mascara? When Lord willing I have my first daughter and she points to a ball, I’ll say, “yes darling that’s a ball,” and when she sees a dog I’ll teach her how to say dog, but when she points to herself what do I say? “Oh baby you are whatever you feel like you are.”  When a woman specifies that she would like to be seen by only by a woman OB/GYN and a transgender walks into the exam room and closes the door, what do you think she’s going to do?  Say a man wants to join your sorority, a woman wants to be an NFL football player. . .

50% are ok with this?  I’m not and I doubt the average American is either.  More on this topic next blog …


2 thoughts on “I think 1/2 of you are full of it

  1. The gay marriage debate is a different thing than the transgender and restrooms, etc. debate. But I agree with you that its disturbing how much Americans are going along with these strange changes, and they seem to fail to understand the true ramifications. Americans want to let others follow their “hearts” and “feelings” and do whatever the heck they want. But they have to start understanding that if we do that, we are losing definitions of the terms, “marriage,” “man” and “woman” , “male” and “female”, “boy” and “girl.” What is marriage now? You’ll get different definitions from different groups. What is a male or female? If they allow a redefinition of this, our whole society is going to get very confused on a number of fronts. This restroom fiasco is just the beginning. Someday I hope our country recaptures common sense, and sees that male and female is a biological thing and not a matter of preference.

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