I’ll be something great. . .said everyone

Does everyone begin their ambitions with the thought that they will be something great one day; that they will make a difference, an impact, a footprint?  I must say I did and still do. It only just occurred to me that I might have been specifically put on this earth to be ordinary.  It’s a mundane way to look at things, some can think it with content, I can’t.  It sounds dreadful actually. I want to think that one day my name will be listed alongside George Washington’s (secretly I think everyone does, but if not forgive my over-ambition).  Then I think about famous people today like Rush Limbaugh, Angelina Jolie, Tim Tebow…  These are some well known folks and they have made their mark, but will anyone really know or care who they are some time after they are gone?  Sure, we know who George Washington is, but only vaguely can the general population recall the reason for his fame (besides the whole being the first president thing).  Anyways, history teachers make us learn about him.  What about Jolie? Famous, beautiful and accomplished and yet irrelevant 100 years from now.  What is the point then in making a mark if people only vaguely know you or your accomplishments after you’re dead?  I don’t want to be ordinary, but when I think about the hype of fame, I realize I’m just self-centered. I will most likely end up ordinary and I think I’m ok with…nope, no I am not.


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