There is no darkness in Him at all


It’s time for some philosophy dearest readers

I’ve heard it said that if both right and wrong can result from God’s command, then God can no longer be called good.  The argument against this says that God did not create evil, but He allowed it.  1 John 1:5 says, “this is the message he has given us to announce to you: God is light and there is no darkness in him at all.”  There is not anything evil within God’s character according to the Bible and so if God is creator alone and God is good, where did evil come from? 

Consider this situation: Doctor Vlad uses scalpels and surgical blades in order to perform life-saving surgeries every year.  He saves thousands of lives with his skills while using his tools according to their purpose for the good of the patient.  One night, someone breaks into the hospital and steals all of Dr. Vlad’s instruments in order to commit a mass murder at the local preschool.  Look at what has happened here.  The purpose for which these tools were created becomes in this story corrupted by the evil decision of another user.  In the same way, if God truly is good, this means that He only creates good things, and if everything and every creature is created good, then it is, because of God’s fairness, made with the potential to choose something opposite of good; the creation in its perfection has free will and can choose to be used for what it was not intended.  Satan, who is a creation of God, was created good.  He is the “surgical knife” created for good and used for evil and it was and is he who has caused the evil and introduced it into society. 

Many people are not willing to see that God is good, Satan is evil, and humans choose it.  Why rule out the possibility of humans creating evil when even now it is reasonable to say that humans have the potential to create many things?  For example, humans created the iPad; God did not come down to earth and take a rib out of an iPod to create an iPad.  He gave humans the potential to create and to destroy.  Why is evil the special case?  Some find it more feasible that the devil created the evil world while God was not looking than for a good God to exist and allow his creations to exist in freedom.  If Satan did create the world while God wasn’t looking, this would make Satan the true God and thus the earth was created evil.  If this were true, then Satan would be all powerful and would not allow any good to occur in the world.  There are clearly good things here on earth and therefore the later must be true.


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