2nd Vote

I cringe to think that the money I just spent to buy ice cream is soon going to be donated at some point to Planned Parenthood. Until a few days ago I’ve wondered, where is my money going? An app called “2nd Vote,” changed that. This shopping app informs consumers on the political and social viewpoints of tons of companies across America. With a few pokes and jabs at my phone, I can see where so many of the companies I regularly support stand on issues such as the 2nd amendment, abortion, corporate welfare, and gay rights. You can also “vote” on whether or not you will be supporting the company in question. Goodbye Dockers, Costco, COACH, and Xfinity! Goodbye Ford, Chrysler, GM, Lexus, Nissan! I’m a new customer now! Find me at Aldi wearing Christian Dior. Gosh I hope my BMW isn’t a liberal. . .

Did you know that google not only funds abortion groups and supports same sex marriage, but also spends more money on environmental protection than it does on human aid? That’s just fantastic.

Conservatives (most conservatives) have historically been known for living out their personal convictions/beliefs and for not supporting companies and people who violate them. Liberals are much less known for this.  Feminists love their abortion right and hate anyone who says it isn’t one, yet I still see them grazing on Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and shopping at Hobby Lobby.  Folks, let’s not be like that.  Start your iPhones and stop supporting people who have no objection with pregnant women having saline pumped into their baby’s brain.

Check out the App.



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