Black People- Part 2

Bob is living proof that the lifestyle portrayed in rap videos is not African culture.  Are the men in Africa walking around with their pants at their ankles with what they call swagger in their walk and what I call, “dude, did you defecate yourself?” Are they slurring their words and muttering unintelligible vowels and consonants, verbally harassing every female within shouting distance, making “baby mamas” left and right and then leaving like cowards, using the n-word at every opportunity?  Are the African women all proudly declaring themselves “baby mamas,” wearing trashy clothes trying to look like the “hoe,” in the latest rap video, talking like uneducated fools, pumping that one finger all over the place and snapping with every “point,” referring to every white girl dating a black man as a hoe, all while living happily on welfare? Is that what an African looks like, or are there just American black people creating their own sad culture?

“RACIST! RACIST!” Oh I can hear them screaming already.

I’ve been called a racist for saying a black person is, well, black.  It’s perplexing.  How is it that in every other rap song performed by a black male it can include degrading lyrics about the “white hoe,” and not be considered racist? Think of a rap song or music video done by a black male including a white girl and substitute a black girl  and a white guy in your mind.  Not a pretty site. Secondly, how is it racist to notice someone’s skin color?  If one of my black girlfriends points into a crowd and goes, “you see that that guy over there? He sucks at the guitar,” and I go, “which guy?”  “The white guy,” she says. Does she really have to say, “the guy with the red shirt on?”  Especially when the 5 guys next to him are wearing red too?  My point is that every black person in America is not African. My Trinidadian friend, Jamaican friend, Tobagonians . . .  If I am a white woman, you are a black man or woman. Scream all you like, that’s how it’s going to be. Image


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