I’m not really going to introduce myself; too many people are starting a blog right at this moment secretly thinking that they will achieve instant fame and that folks actually care what they think (to the intellectuals, conservatives and other useful scholars, this remark doesn’t apply to you). I mean look at Facebook. Users adore themselves and gawk at other people’s vanity while writing useless things and all the while dreaming that people actually want to know that the burger they just posted a picture of had some fabulous guacamole on it. This blog is where I abandon that sinking ship to get caught up into the sails of intellectual vanity.  I consider it arrogant to think someone may read this thing so let me say with all the dignity and pride that I have that I don’t care if you read this. There is only so long that I can go on brooding over the personal diary I have kept since I could write. My diaries are weird and embarrassing and do no one any good while they remain tucked under my bed. I’m hiding behind my laptop in this hipster looking apartment attempting to act at least little smart, even superior.  This blog will be at times offensive and abrupt in its thoughts and will not likely offer many apologies for it. With that said, I’m Ellery.


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