The Supreme Court Decision

Mark my words, American history will one day record Obamacare as a mistake and failure. In the meantime, God is still seated on His throne and is He is not losing His cool over the Supreme Court decision, so why should we? Keep praying for our leaders, our great nation, and the people in it. And don’t give up.


Socialist Professors

“We are not bowing to Amazon’s totalitarianism. Information should be free… in America the problem is class warfare.”
– Ethics Professor

Socialist Professors at my college, what a surprise!
I’ve spent my whole term pouring over essays written by marxists and far-left radical liberals…in an ethics class. We need to stop believing the lie that says you need college, or that you “should” go. If you want to be a doctor, get a degree. Lawyer? Degree. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, $60,000 in debt won’t likely solve that problem. College is being used to brainwash and inspire fear of holding an opinion contrary to the professor. The price you pay for standing your ground is your GPA. I’ve learned what every Conservative in college must: how to BS.

Grown ups

Not kiddies anymore, we do what we want

Wine, martini, vodka with a little shakey

drippy smiley let’s stay a whiley

Droopy leggies like al dente spaghettis

Mushy gushy I love you so muchy

“Are you ladies ready for the bill?”

Bill! One of us bursts out. Isn’t your name Bill?!

Everything’s funny punny the night is sunny

Faces painted in all the right spaces

Eye liner gets soppy the more we get sappy

Laughing lying eavesdropping spying

Amiable squabbles turn into petty gobbles

Foibles give way to happy chuckles

eating dessert like a winner before dinner

adults can go and do that you know

Strawberry creamy dreamy puffy fluffy

Next the burger meaty cheesy fatty yummy

Today was leg day at the gym, we do what we want


He said to love your enemy

But that’s not what the world tells me

and by what authority does God think He can tell me who to love?

There’s a riot in Baltimore

Bullet shells blanket concrete

fire consumes the pharmacy

everyone riot – it’s judgment day

grasp the gavel

illegitimately it falls

He said to love our enemies

He said to love them all

Now! Now! Now is when they want justice

The hate they say they hated is the same hate they hurl at SWAT

Teams of people line streets

Blaming economics and politics

Praising God on Sunday but come Monday

Bricks fly through the sky at “HE DESERVED IT.”

A King once asked a question:

If you only love those who love you back,

what good are you? Anyone can do that.

Have you ever loved an enemy?

Have you turned the other cheek?

Have you ever felt the pressure in your heart building,

heard the sounds of your soul screaming, tears pouring

out of the skin, deodorant failure

emergency exits shatter

water emits from eyes, have you swallowed pride

and your face stings on each side?

I could hit the easy button on this weapon

But head bowed, knees bent, both hands on stinging cheeks

I have waited years and weeks

The sun shining the same on the good and evil

And refused to pick up an illegitimate gavel.

We are not judges, there is only one.

By what authority should we love everyone?

The same one that caused Stephen to stand

as they stoned him, he fell to his knees and said

Lord don’t hold this against them

What power compelled an innocent man to hang from a cross?

I mean you always ask why bad things happen to good people,

But that has only happened once.

Death and Taxes

18 trillion, that is the debt reality

up 70 percent since Obama took office

blaming Bush and not taking responsibility

7 years of excuses

Welcome to the land of reinstated slavery

The borrower is servile to the money lender

Bought the lie that we can spend into being free

an economic blunder

The house and the senate, no accountability

Capitol building be like Lil’ Wayne and make it rain

Programs, pensions, favors, and funds are extra slushy

Our sweat, our time, and our pain

This is what we call an abuse of authority

Love is the only debt we should pay and keep paying

The Bible says give to Caesar his demanded fee

And here’s what Caesar’s saying

Athiest, your taxes are funding Catholic schools

Christian, your taxes have furnished cruel abortion rules

Nine to five worker, you’re paying for those who will not

Wealthy, pay the penalty for working a whole lot

Grandma, sorry to ask, but did you hear we tax death?

Driver, iPass costs won’t go down so don’t hold your breath

Server, you better declare all of that tip money

Student, don’t bet on seeing social security

2015, the year of ambiguity

I mean who can afford the Affordable Care Act?!

You see, we are slaves to debt and screwed up policy

We cannot ignore the fact


Benghazi we commemorate

4 dead, it was needless.

Nixon is known for Watergate,

you’ll be known for secrets.

The government of transparency

declaring “Yes we can!”

has wrapped itself in secrecy

the clouds cover the man.

We’ll investigate Tom Brady

steal away his cell phone

Punish! Fine! And seize his baby!

his actions he must own.

Hillary, where’s that Blackberry

what have you got to hide?

none perished when balls got squishy

In Libya they died.

I’m ready for Hillary!

a weak bumper sticker

We turn our backs on Benghazi

won’t say she’s a liar

Have we forgotten Hillary

loves that Margaret Sanger

and have we forgotten that she

calls herself an “admirer”

of the one who said that mercy

in large family crews

is killing off the infancy

and same fate for the Jews

exterminate the negros too

the inferior kind

the oriental and the Jew

handicapped, old, useless and blind.

America behold the show!
Says pro-equality

and then says Sanger’s a hero

which is it madam nominee?

Liar, liar pants on fire

do not ask for my vote

I call myself the town crier

I’m going for the throat